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ScriptNo biscuits in heaven

A naughty little boy, banished from heaven for a misdemeanour, can return if he observes and records  seventy times seven  acts of real goodness on earth. He manages to bargain God (who actually rather likes his mischievous  ways) down to seven. God laughs and agrees. But the little boy, filled with fear and  misgiving, still has to go.  He leaves and lands on earth with a bump. Distraught, lost, hungry, and desperately homesick he staggers through the streets, lost in this new culture and longing only to return to heaven. He meets many down-to-earth folk, kind and not kind, but, oblivious of his own acts of kindness,  naively sees only the good in them  (and  any biscuits to assuage his growing hunger are constantly elusive).    At last he finds a friendly church  community ( meeting again one of the people he’d encountered earlier). Rather against his wishes  – he is terrified  of not doing things right  – they persuade him to come into a service. To his  surprise  he finds himself joining enthusiastically in the jazzy hymns. Then they  let him help with the after-service  tea and – joy – the crunchy  BISCUITS. As a result he  startles  everyone in heaven by opting to stay on earth after all – ”they’re imperfect, just  like me ”. And after all  – as God (who has his own unexpected  reasons)  laughs – CRUNCH! 

Written By – ruth finnegan

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