EdiPlay Screening

The Webs of War

Details: A troubled drifter faces deadly tarantulas on the warpath in 1973 Michigan. This chilling story examines the essence of terror, the sting of bereavement, the quest for redemption, the power of love, and the extraordinary limits of courage and sacrifice. At the heart of this horror screenplay, it’s the inner struggles we face as …

The StarPeople: Our Evolution

Details: The StarPeople: Our Evolution is a feature length script about other dimensional contact and lucid dreams. The most important story of our time with cutting edge concepts beautifully depicted. A rare glimpse into inter dimensional contact, from the point of view of a fearless adult woman who wants to help humanity navigate uncharted, but …

Living Wild – Alaska. Pilot: Snag. Catch and Release

Details: Only have the ties are true in this behind-the-scenes look at the quirky people who deliver the news in Alaska. The series tracks somewhat honest efforts to offer fair and balanced coverage in a large state that is in many ways a small and contentious village. Writer – Dorene Michele Lorenz