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FilmThe Last Supper

Betrayal begins with trust.  Nicole has spent years trying to make everyone happy. Her husband is a well respected member of the community, but he is always stressed or angry at home. Nicole blames herself. Will she finally see the truth, or continue to question her own reality?   The Last Supper, a prequel to “Baked Beans”.  A film by Anh Do  Cast: Jennifer Bulcock & Damien McNeilly  Story by Jennifer Bulcock Camera \ Editor : Anh Do Sound Operator : Shay Allard Production assistant : Martin Vose Colourist : Paul Handley Graphic Design : Hugh Mann Adamson at Enon Films  With thanks to  Enon films Colin Pons Adam McGrath Policelot Rory Drinkwater Jude & Sebastian Beattie  Andy Torrington  Shoo: The destructive demon within  – Book by Maureen Fearon

Director:  Anh Do

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